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LED profiles

Creativity and Flexibility
Aluminum profiles to create your customized lamps and illuminate with lines of light, the right profile with the appropriate LEDs inside to satisfy every need.
Complete the construction with the controls for maximum comfort in use.
PRF 37 (LC1616)
Angular aluminium profile 16x16 whit rounded screen
PRF 38 (LC1616B)
Angular aluminium profile 16x16 with corner screen
PRF 66 (LE2507)
Recessed aluminium profile 18x6 with screen
PRF 168 (LS1608)
Aluminium profile16x8 with screen
PRF 89 (LS0809)
Aluminium profile with reduced dimensions 8x9 whit screen
PRF 36 (LS3006)
Aluminium profile 30x7 with screen
PRF 49 (LS4009)
Aluminium profile 39x7 with screen
PRF 33 (LS5208)
Aluminium profile 52x11 whit diffuser screen
PRF 69 (LS6009)
Aluminium profile 90x6 whit screens
Other types of profiles for specific applications are available on request.
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